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® Hebel Power Panel can be applied directly to wood or metal studs, eliminating the need for additional structural sheathing such as plywood. The Hebel Power Panels are reinforced internally with a steel mesh protected with anti-corrosive coating. In addition, the lightweight nature of Hebel AAC allows a faster and more efficient construction.

® Hebel Power Floor is a lightweight autoclaved aerated concrete (Hebel AAC) panel that can be fixed to timber or steel joists. It provides the feel of a rigid concrete floor but with the advantage of providing an instant working surface, along with acoustic and thermal benefits.

® Hebel Slab Panel are steel reinforced units used to build roof or floor slabs that work simply ® supported over masonry walls (either Hebel or traditional), and also by steel, concrete or wood structures. Their design is based on span-load requirements.

® Hebel fence panels can be used for fence construction on landscaping, providing privacy, protection and style. Decorative and creative ideas can be adapted to Hebel Fence such as ornamental moldings, openings, posts, etc.

® Hebel AAC Vertical Load Bearing Panels are steel reinforced units used to build exterior and interior walls for residential, hotels, commercial and modular buildings. The thickness and panel length (height) vary depending on the design requirements and constraints of the project.

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