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AAC production is set to begin in Marlboro County, SC prior to the end of the year.  In the meantime AAC East is operating under a License and Trademark agreement with Xella GmbH.  The relationship between the company and the worlds leading producer of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete is allowing product to be shipped from existing Xella AAC facilities outside of the U.S.  While another Licensee serves the Western portion of the U.S., AAC East will focus primarily on providing service and products to the Eastern portion of the country.

AAC East is excited to be working closely with the Habitat team from Marion County, South Carolina.  This is the first Habitat House in Marion County to have the exterior walls constructed out of AAC.  The home in Marion is a pilot project supported by not only Habitat for Humanity but also by agencies involved in rebuilding homes in the region following devastation associated with multiple hurricanes.

This year's theme at the International Builder Show was a success. Thank you to all of those that stopped by the booth this year and spoke with us about AAC.



Thermal Insulation:

  •   Operational lifetime energy savings.

  •   Ability to store heat or cold.

  •   Great performance in R-Value

  •   No thermal bridging

  •   Vapor control

  •   Comfort-indoor air quality


Fire Resistant:


  • HEBEL AAC has proven to remain fully intact and withstand the stress of fire for up to 4 hours without any impairment to its stability. Even under intense heat, HEBEL AAC remains tightly sealed against smoke and gas, emitting no toxic fumes.


Sound Control:

  • Hebel AAC provides exceptional acoustic insulation. Its porous structure and high surface mass, coupled with its ability to dampen mechanical vibration energy, greatly reduces outside environmental noise pollution and the indoor echo effect (i.e. reflecting sound) in empty rooms, providing a quieter, more comfortable interior for the occupants.

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